Our Leadership
OBI Ananaba - CEO

My name is Nwaobilor Ananaba born in Aba Abia State in the south east  Nigeria west africa, born in the mid sixties growing up in the seventies all i remember enjoy doing was playing football bear footed usually in school and on the streets. The street  games are the most entertaining at that time.  As time went on around the age of sixteen  i found myself playing in the reserve team of a professional football club, my confidence and excitement grew as i worked incredibly hard to secure a first team position and sign my first  professional contract.

My parents made it clear that i should stop playing football and focus on my studies to become an engineer. With that my father made it totally impossible for me to  play football by continuously engaging me in other things that will stop me from training. it came to a head when my father said to me SON  i will disown you if you continue to play football instead of concentrating on your studies. The only option i had was to stop playing football which was devastating and very hard for a young seventeen year old like me who was highly motivated and determined to sign a professional contract.

I stopped playing  football to please my parents, but little did they  know that i have made up my mind to secure a visa to travel to anywhere in Europe to play the game i passionately love . It was an incrediblly difficult two years but finally, my opportunity came to travel to the United Kingdom in July 1987 so i had the utmost pleasure to inform my parent that i would be travelling to the United Kingdom to further my education  and my parents were over the moon for me and 

I arrived in the United Kingdom knowing fully well that i do not want anything to do with education but football. All that interest me was a trial.  Although it was not long when i got a break to try out with Leyton Orient football club in east london and Wimbledon football club. Leyton called me in for more talk with the possibility of giving me a contract only to discover that i am not permitted to work with the type of visa i had at the time. This news destroyed my confidence as a young African player in Europe on my own i should have listened to my parents and continue my studies back home. Regrettably and reluctantly i had to turn my back on football and find something else  to do. From factory worker to property consultancy, then exporting goods to Africa.

My irrational exuberance made me put my money where my mouth is in 2009 over   years after the career that i never had ended  abruptly. I decided to start looking for young Africans with exceptional and incredible talents and give them the opportunities i never had by giving then a platform to play in Europe and the rest of the world. I did this by building Obiaba Football Academy, which is the best managed academy in Nigeria and one of the best in Africa.



My name is Uchechi Gift Ananaba. I am a lecturer at Abia state polytechnic, Aba, Abia state, Nigeria.  I have a degree in industrial chemistry and a Masters degree in physical chemistry happily married with three children. Growing up in Nigeria in the mid eighties and early nineties as a young girl, my interest was my hair my make up playing with my dolls, Most of all my school which i was very good at and highly dedicated to. Sports did not intrest me at all let alone football. Fast foward a few years latter when my husband an i met, it soon became apparent that he is highly infuenced and extremely motivated by sport most of all football. As time went on and with constant association with my husband, i began to understand the fundamentals of the beautiful and ultimately surrender to the overwhelming emotions and joy that the game of football brings. 


It is my utmost pleasure to be part of this wonderful academy and i am more determined to give my all to the growth and development of the academy and i am very sure we will shall continue to maintain our transparency and due diligence being one of the best in Africa.



Uchechi Gift Ananaba- Director of Information
Uzoije Ebere Chris - Media director

My name is Uzoije Ebere Chris, from Amaigbo Nwangele LGA Imo State Nigeria, born and bread up in the City of Aba Abia State Nig.

A Bsc holder in Banking and Finance University of Uyo Akwa Ibom State further more talented in the area of social life, such as Broadcasting and sports presenting and also a football Commentator as such.

My name is Steve Okoro born in Nigeria   mid-eighties and   growing up   the nineties was a joyful experience with football as the main excitement and   fun for us until I moved to Togo to sign my first professional contract in the Togolese premier league . A few years later I had an opportunity that moved me to Europe to continue my football career unfortunately I had an untimely reoccurring injury which put an end to my professional footballing dream ..
Unable to play active football but my love and passion for the beautiful game made me go in to scouting , in 2012 I Joined Obiaba Football Academy one of the best in Africa with a proven record my job is finding young Africans with great footballing talent nurture and develop and move them to deferent parts of the world to start their professional careers.


Steve Okoro - Scouting Director